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Transformation through intelligent Data Science Solutions. Since 2015.

We are one of the leading consulting and implementation partners for your data analysis needs in the digital future.

With our research expertise and over 8 years of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of services in the areas of data analytics, strategy, product, and the development of fully automated data science solutions for complex data-driven challenges.

We are passionate and persistent problem solvers. With our scientific and data-driven approach, we critically examine the data challenges and seek suitable solutions and methods for our clients from our vast toolbox of data analysis methods.


We believe in the power of teams, diversity, different perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds. In our world, a team encompasses various disciplines and levels – international and highly motivated. We always set high standards for the quality of our work, closely aligned with individual customer needs. At the same time, we foster an exceptional and innovative working atmosphere within our team: we cultivate an informal, friendly, respectful, and open interaction with one another. We are always performance-oriented and strive for excellence. We combine maximum agility, flat hierarchies, quick decision-making, and team-oriented work with efficient processes and maximum individual growth opportunities.

We have a beautiful office that we see as a meeting place, a place for collaboratively devising solutions. It’s not about how much time one spends in the office; it’s about being with the right people at the right time. Therefore, we aim for self-responsible hybrid work. Maximum flexibility for our colleagues is essential. How it all evolves? We will see. We will experiment, learn, adapt – and then find the best solution for our version and vision of Work 4.0.


We all want to engage in work that drives positive change. To achieve this, it takes talent, determination, attitude, courage, and more. An ambitious company always consists of an ambitious team. That’s why we seek the best talents and aim to keep them with us long-term. Talents who have well-founded opinions and are eager to share them, who love the details while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Those who want to be part of a diverse and amazing team. We combine attractive career prospects with the best working conditions. We highly value work-life balance and provide ample room for individual professional growth.

Your Benefits at OmegaLambdaTec:

 Flexible Working Hours

Start a bit later in the morning, finish earlier in the evening – no problem. Our flexible working hours make it possible.

Company Events

We enjoy good times together, whether it’s at the summer party, the Christmas celebration, or an impromptu after-work beer.

Green Space and Lake

 Right outside our office, you can work in the fresh air or take a break by the lake.

Remote Work

Whether at your desk or from home, you have full flexibility with us.


Family is important to us. That’s why we strive to provide as much flexibility as possible with our agile working hours.

Nearby Public Transportation

We are located right at Garching-Hochbrück subway station. From here, you can easily and directly reach the center of Munich (Marienplatz) in about 20 minutes.

Snacks and Drinks

The best Italian coffee, fresh fruit, and water are available to you at any time. We also make sure to have an evening beer ready.

Dining Nearby

From hearty grilled dishes to lighter options, Asian cuisine, pasta, or maybe even pizza – we are surrounded by culinary highlights, giving you plenty of choices.

Work and Life

During your lunch break, you can shop at the supermarket or relax by the lake with a cup of coffee – many options around our office help you balance work, family, and leisure.

Continued Learning & Training

Varied tasks and opportunities for further development will help you grow personally.



In the inspiring setting of Kruger National Park in South Africa in early 2014, Rene Fassbender developed the idea of transferring his knowledge and experience with complex datasets to business challenges during his stay. Rene had learned and applied the processing and analysis of large datasets as part of his long-term data-driven research in astrophysics. At the same time, the topics of Big Data and Smart Data were emerging in industry, making the transfer of fundamental cosmological questions in the Universe to applied economic and societal challenges a real opportunity that needed to be seized. The spark was ignited. In early 2015, Rene founded OmegaLambdaTec with the goal of leveraging the full potential of digitization through innovation and new business models for customers and partners across various industries. This entrepreneurial journey started as a spark of an idea in an idyllic setting, was set on the right path with a small core team around COO Alexander Fritz, and is now moving forward at full throttle with a growing and unique team towards a sustainable future.


OmegaLambda – symbolically ΩΛ – denotes one of the fundamental six parameters of the current cosmological standard model. Its measured numerical value of ΩΛ ≃0.7 represents the current contribution of so-called Dark Energy to the total energy budget of the Universe. With approximately 70% of the total energy in the cosmos, Dark Energy is the dominant form of energy in the present-day Universe, driving the current accelerated expansion of the Universe through its physical property as an effective negative pressure. The experimental data-driven proof of this accelerated dynamics of the universe and the inference of the existence and dominance of Dark Energy were honored with the Physics Nobel Prize in 2011.

The name OmegaLambdaTec is therefore a reference to our background in astrophysical fundamental research and, as the driver of accelerated expansion, simultaneously a guiding theme for our ambitious development goals as a company.

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