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Our core products are tailor-made high-performance algorithms that we proudly refer to as High-Performance AI Engines. These AI Engines are the driving force behind the Data Economy, as they extract value and insights from raw data, enabling new digital business models. Within our Algorithms-as-a-Service (AaaS) business model, we develop leading core algorithms for strategic focus areas, customize them to meet our customers’ needs, implement them in a platform-agnostic manner, provide support and updates for ongoing operations, and continuously work on enhancing and improving the solutions.

Our partners and customers use our AI Engines to (A) future-proof their core businesses or (B) serve as the central engine for their new digital B2B and B2C business models. In addition to individual AI Engines, we offer bundled AI Modules containing all algorithms for a comprehensive coverage of more complex solutions. Various AI Modules are aggregated into comprehensive AI Engine libraries, providing end-to-end core solutions for significant strategic areas.

The AI Engines we develop either run as fully automated standard applications on industry-specific data platforms (Platform-AaaS) or as customized solutions directly on our partners’ and customers’ IT infrastructure (Partner-AaaS). The introduction of new Smart Data solutions within our Partner-AaaS approach typically begins with a setup phase, followed by an implementation phase, operational support, and continued developments. For long-term partnerships and strategic collaborations, we offer desired AI Engine solutions as integrated AaaS annual packages. To acquaint you with the numerous benefits and added value of our High-Performance AI Engines, we are also pleased to provide a tailored offer for a six-month pilot phase based on your desired solution components.


For the following strategic focus areas, we offer our Smart Data solutions as comprehensive Algorithms-as-a-Service Libraries:

  1. HERACLES – the visionary Energy Transition Library
  2. ACHILLES – the Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection, and real-time Monitoring Library
  3. DYNAMO – the Dynamic Pricing Library for an automated offer generation
  4. SPOC – the Forecasting Library for demand predictions and logistics optimization
  5. PPROMETHEUS – the Scenario Simulator Framework for long-term business optimizations
  6. ECOSTAR3 – the DeepTech Library for energy cost optimization, cost transparency, and risk management

HERACLES – the visionary Energy Transition Library

HERACLES (Holistic Energy Transition Algorithms & DeepTech Components Library for Simulating & Optimizing Emerging Scenarios) is our contribution to the success of the energy and heat transition. As a holistic, powerful DeepTech Library consisting of six modules and 20 AI Engines, HERACLES consolidates all essential core algorithms necessary for a successful energy transition. HERACLES accelerates grid operators, utility companies, and municipal utilities to the forefront of Data Science and AI innovation, paving the way for a sustainable and carbon-neutral future.


  1. Smart Grid Preparation
  2. Smart Grid Operation & Monitoring
  3. Carbon-Neutral Energy Production
  4. Asset Optimization
  5. Dynamic Grid Control and Energy Balancing
  6. Smart Grid Scenario Simulations

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive core algorithms for the energy transition
  • Flexible and rapid implementation of solution modules
  • Optimization of infrastructure investments
  • Maximum transparency of results
Fig: HERACLES AI Module for Smart Grid Preparation – Functionality Overview

ACHILLES – the Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection, and real-time Monitoring Library

With the ACHILLES Library (Anomaly Characterization and Health Inspection Library for Predictive Lifetime Estimations), we bring together our extensive solutions in the areas of predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, classification, and real-time condition monitoring.

AI Modules:

  1. Predictive Maintenance for Machine Assets
  2. Predictive Cable Condition Monitoring (ATLAS)
  3. Anomaly Detection and Classification in Infrastructure Networks

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Holistic automated processing of all relevant data sources
  • Optimized determination and localization of faults
  • Data-driven estimation of expected remaining lifespans
  • Integrated root-cause analysis for fault detection
Fig: ACHILLES Real-time Anomaly Monitoring (left) and Data-Driven Remaining Asset Life Estimation (right).

DYNAMO – the Dynamic Pricing Library for an automated offer generation

DYNAMO (Dynamic Pricing for Automated ML-based Offers) streamlines the process effort for personalized offers to just a few seconds. The high-dimensional DYNAMO machine learning models leverage past offer and transaction data, macroeconomic influences, individual customer characteristics, and other price-relevant parameters for price determination.

AI Modules:

  1. Price Calculator for Used Assets
  2. Dynamic Offer Generation for Custom Manufacturing

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Reduced price calculation time for personalized offers to seconds
  • Transparent representation of the price determination process
  • Output of a proposed price as well as upper and lower price ranges • Indication of price quality level based on reference data availability
Fig: DYNAMO Input Interface (left) and Automated Pricing Calculation (right) for Used Machine Assets.

SPOC – the Forecasting Library for demand predictions and logistics optimization

SPOC (Stock & Product Optimization Cockpit) automates and enhances demand planning, optimizes inventory levels, and enables a proactive distribution of goods for applications in trade, industry, and logistics.

AI Modules:

  1. SPOC Retail
  2. SPOC Industry
  3. SPOC Logistics

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized demand predictions for all locations and products
  • Determination of optimized inventory levels based on availability requirements
  • Automated recommendations for procurement and production quantities
  • Logistics optimization for long transportation routes
Fig: SPOC Demand Predictions and Recommended Inventory Levels for a Global Logistics Optimization.

PROMETHEUS – The Scenario Simulation Framework for long-term Business Optimizations

PROMETHEUS (Predictive Observations and Machine Learning Toolset for Heuristic Estimations of Future Scenarios) is a framework that empowers the optimization and analysis of business models, investments, CO2 emissions, incentive models, and the impacts of climate change over time horizons spanning decades into the future. Predefined and individually customizable future scenarios can be expertly calculated within seconds, providing robust decision-making foundations for the future alignment of corporate strategies and the optimized allocation of investments.

AI Modules:

  1. CO2 Szenarien-Simulator
  2. Investitions-Optimierung
  3. Versorgunssicherheit
  4. Zukünftige Infrastrukturnetze

Hauptmerkmale und Nutzen:

  • Scenario simulations up to the year 2100 based on over 100 interlinked and validated ML models
  • Visualization and analysis of complex non-linear cause-and-effect relationships
  • Optimization of long-term investments before the first Euro is spent
  • Analysis of the business model impacts of long-term meta-trends
Fig: Long-term scenarios with PROMETHEUS for the development of the company-wide CO2 footprint until 2075.

ECOSTAR3 – The DeepTech Library for Energy Cost Optimization, Cost Transparency, and Risk Management

ECOSTAR3 (Energy Cost Analyzer + Forecaster + Optimizer) is the award-winning DeepTech Library for consumption transparency, energy cost optimization, leveraging flexibilities, and risk mitigation in the face of volatile energy prices. This empowers businesses and the manufacturing industry to significantly reduce their energy costs, maximize flexibility utilization, and minimize the risks associated with volatile markets.

AI Modules:

  1. Location-specific Consumption Transparency
  2. Consumption and Electricity Price Forecasting
  3. Future Cost Scenarios
  4. Battery Storage Optimization
  5. Utilization of Flexibilities
  6. Energy real-time Optimization Controller (E-Raptor)

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Detailed potential analysis for energy cost optimization
  • 100% consumption and billing transparency for every location
  • Optimal utilization of SPOT market energy prices
  • Energy cost reduction of up to 30%
Fig: ECOSTAR3 frontend for energy cost minimization and full energy cost transparency.

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