Final of the European urbantech Challenge reached!

OmegaLambdaTec convinces after the MVP phase at the business pitch on 06.06.2023 in Prague.

In autumn 2022, we pitched at the #urbantech Challenge with a total of 320 start-ups our solution for “integrating electricity price forecasts into building automation”, which reduces costs and energy consumption in factory and office buildings. With our AI-based forecasts for the electricity price traded on the stock exchange for the next 3 days, we and 79 other start-ups initially entered the MVP phase.

On 06.06.2023, our team led by Data Scientist Johannes Schötz and Matthias Huber presented our functioning prototype E-Raptor and reached the next competition phase as one of 30 start-ups.

E-Raptor, the real-time energy optimiser, enables significant cost savings by:

  1. analysing potential cost savings and optimising investments based on historical data,
  2. predicting prices, consumptions and flexibilities through machine learning and artificial intelligence,
  3. powerful real-time factory-level optimisation.

E-Raptor thus opens up new potential for reducing electricity costs by up to 25% as well as mitigating future risks in the energy market.

We congratulate the whole team and look forward to the upcoming pilot phase.