OmegaLambdaTec GmbH is among winners of the European Reach Incubator data challenge

Cristiano De Boni, PhD and Andrea Turcati rocked the REACH competition stage in Bilbao yesterday and convinced the jury that our ecostar3 MVP is one of the TOP6 most promising Data Value Chain solutions in Europe!

With our ecostar3 solution, utilities and companies not only obtain full transparency of their electricity consumption and costs in volatile market conditions, they also get precise 12months cost forecasts, identified consumption anomalies, and – for the first time – state-of-the art risk models for an optimized financial planning.

The whole OmegaLambdaTec has been working very hard these past 4 months to bring the ecostar3 solution to full MVP maturity. Now it is time to celebrate (e.g at the Bilbao stadium and at Oktoberfest) before we roll out ecostar3 to more European pilot customers in the coming months.

A big thanks goes to #REACH for organizing a great program, our data provider #SMAT, and the fellow EXPERIMENT startups for their productive collaboration.